Hybrid Conference Solution HK Presents New Engagement Ways

NOW is here to stay! This hybrid conference solution HK completely changed virtual communication methods in 2020 and it gained enormous popularity during the COVID-19 quarantine. Since then, educational institutions, companies, and a range of communities are regularly joining the trend and become loyal users of UC. NOW!

What is UC. NOW? – It is a hybrid conference solution HK with outstanding onsite event technical services that facilitate online engagement and take digital communication to a whole new level. This software allows users to meet, communicate, collaborate and interact effortlessly. It gives members a safe workplace that they can use for different purposes. Its flexibility makes UC. NOW attractive to different types of clients, which contributes to its popularity additionally as there is no specific target group; UC. NOW is simply made for every community that needs a powerful online communication tool!

Onsite event technical services allow even users with minimal tech experience to use this platform without any complications. The software is user-friendly so creating a channel and inviting members is quick and simple. However, some members may need additional assistance, and the onsite event technical services are always available.

NOW enables users to build event websites by using pre-built templates. They can either customize those templates or use them as they are. The hybrid conference solution HK also provides an outstanding automated attendee invitation and self-service enrolment workflow. Members can use the software for training, tutoring, meeting, interviews, and a range of online engagement opportunities that maximize the effectiveness of digital communication.

Haiden Lee

Haiden Lee