Learn About 4 Main Departments of the Humanities Faculty HK

Are you an ambitious student looking for a Faculty that will help you maximize your strengths, strengthen the points you always considered weak, and become a knowledgeable professional in the humanities education? Humanities Faculty HK invites students all over the world to use their potential and turn their passions into life-changing abilities.

Humanities Faculty HK offers 4 Departments of the highest standards for international students. You can choose between Chinese Language Studies, English Language Education, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, and Literature and Cultural Studies. Each Department utilizes comparative culture of care approach that encourages and empowers students to pursue their goals and become the best in their areas of expertise.

Chinese Language Studies is led by a reputable team of educators that assist students in building a strong foundation and advanced skills in Chinese language education and Chinese linguistics. Using innovative and engaging programs, this Department has a modern Center for Research available for students to ensure the highest quality of theoretical and practical education.

English Language Education takes the multidisciplinary research in language learning and teaching to the level of excellence. It builds multicultural awareness and a global outlook that is extremely useful for international academic achievements. Learning English at Humanities Faculty HK opens doors to uncountable worldwide opportunities.

Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies is ideal for students interested in more than one language, with an aspiration to explore the world and use languages as the most powerful tools for international success.

Literature and Cultural Studies feature programs that will give you an in-depth knowledge of historical traditions of literature and culture. You will explore the changes in linguistics and advance your communication abilities while learning about cultures through the captivating programs of the Humanities Faculty HK.

Haiden Lee

Haiden Lee